1. In the event of non-payment by the due date recorded on a sales invoice, CloudFound CloudFound reserves the right to suspend any provision of services without prior warning.
  2. Project delays that occur as a result of a client not providing additional information as required, within a reasonable timeframe will not occur at additional cost to CloudFound. We will always make request for further information as soon as possible and preferably before a project begins. The reasonable timeframe for your response will depend on the extent of the information required. Your project may be delayed and need to be rescheduled (at your expense, if additional work time is needed) if your response is delayed unreasonably.
  3. Certain countries apply withholding at source on the amount of invoices, in accordance with their internal legislation. Any withholding at source will be paid by the client to the tax authorities. Under no circumstances can CloudFound become involved in costs related to a country's legislation. The amount of the invoice will therefore be due to CloudFound in its entirety and does not include any costs relating to the legislation of the country in which the client is located.
  4. CloudFound undertakes to do its best to supply performant services in due time in accordance with the agreed timeframes. However, none of its obligations can be considered as being an obligation to achieve results. CloudFound cannot under any circumstances be required by the client to appear as a third party in the context of any claim for damages filed against the client.
  5. All our contractual relations will be governed exclusively by Australian law.